Guest’s Dress Code- I Agree With L.C. and Here’s Why.

I read this article the other day from Cosmopolitan magazine and it really stuck with me. Now, let me point out that I haven’t read a Cosmo since I was probably in my first year of university, nor do I follow L.C. too closely, but the headline jumped right out at me- “Sorry, but Lauren Conrad’s Wedding Dress Code Advice Is Total B.S.”

I think that Lauren Conrad does have a classic style that I can relate to. Her girly love of style (and her super cute website ) is inspiring and fun. So naturally, I read the headline and thought

“OMG WHAT DID SHE SAY? It must have been awful- like wear all white and spill red wine on the bride!”

Then I read the article and thought….”Well.. that was an interesting take.” Maybe I’m more conservative than I think, or traditional or a big ol’ stick in the mud, but I agree with most of what she said. I say MOST. I mean wear what you are comfortable in, but yes don’t go too over the top (unless the dress code specifies that).

As a guest, I believe you shouldn’t show up the bride. It’s best to go classic, a step over business and a step below formal. Nothing too flashy and something you are very comfy in, specifically your shoes. Here is why I think this, the other guests should be paying attention to the bridal party and the celebration of two people sharing their lives and love together, not gossiping about what someone decided to wear (or not wear). It’s distracting for everyone and that’s not what they couple wants.

What are your thoughts on the article? I’d love to hear!




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