Wedding Planning Rules

When it comes to planning your wedding, like most people, you probably bought every wedding magazine on the stands, created and started pinning to your Pinterest board and googled where to start. That is a great place to start. It’s important to look around to discover what you like and what you don’t; what vendors stick out for you who’s work you just love and begin to form a timeline. But many of the rules aren’t as set in stone as you might think

Rule 1: Stick to the timeline

Many online timelines lay out exactly when to do what and when to book certain vendors. While I provide a timeline to my clients to help keep them on track, note that timelines like budgets can be a bit fluid. Where you do a lot in one month, allows you to sit back and relax another month. Also it’s important to note that some vendors and venues are in high demand and they can book up to a year in advance. So keep in mind, the timeline rule is not one that you have to follow to a tee.

Rule 2: RSVP’s have to be mailed back

Many love the mail. It’s excited to go to your mailbox and have a whole bunch of pieces of mail that aren’t bills! However, to pay for all the extra stamps can actually shock most people (a stamp is 85¢ when bought in a booklet). If you created a wedding website, have people go online and rsvp that way or just send an email to you! You may be surprised on how personal some emails will be.

Rule 3: You need to have flowers

I’m sorry to all my florist friends, I am always tough on you when it comes to budgets with my clients. Flowers are a big hit on any budget, despite the impact that they do make. But as a rule you don’t need flowers at a wedding. There are so many other ways to set a table without a floral center piece.

These are just a few rules that you don’t have to follow. Know all things to do with a wedding can be flexible. Now let’s be clear. I’m not telling you to throw out all structure, rules, timelines, traditions. I’m just saying be flexible, open-minded and tailor your wedding to you.


Want to talk further about any of these rules or how to better design your wedding to reflect your personality? Let’s chat! 

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