Real Love: Shengnan & Nick

 Introducing one of LE’s 2017 couples. Shengnan & Nick are so great together- perfectly complimenting each other’s personalities. When you meet with them, Shengnan knows exactly what she wants and more openly what she doesn’t. Nick, while a little quieter, is happy to go along with Shengnan. Every meeting with them, I leave with a huge smile on my face, as we spend our time laughing. I am so excited for their big and as decisions are being made, I can’t wait to see it!
I asked Shengnan a few questions and am excited to share her answers with you. Lasting Events. weddings, wedding planning, engagements, Josh Bellingham Photography
1. Share your story with me
– How we met hmm… We lived very close and we just started talking at the neighborhood Starbucks.
– We went to shop for the engagement ring together and I picked it. We even picked it up together. He didn’t try to hide the ring from me at all, so I put on the ring everyday for 5 mins and then put it back into the box. Then both families knew he bought the ring and everyone was pushing him to propose. Finally one day at home he just randomly proposed with the forensic show running on TV. How romantic! lol He said he wanted to do something special. I guess I will never know.
2. Describe your partner in 3 words.
– Loving
– Patient
– Fun
3. What makes you smile everyday about your partner?
– I actually don’t smile everyday, I’m very grumpy but he manages to make me laugh because he always tickles me!
– I think he’s goofy, so that makes me smile.
Lasting Events. weddings, wedding planning, engagements, Josh Bellingham Photography
4. Describe your wedding (theme, feel, design)
– I want a wedding like a big fun party. I think I care a lot about the food quality and then the next thing I care is the flowers. I like using fresh flowers to make the whole thing look romantic.
5. Where did you get the inspiration from for your wedding (blogs, pictures, personal taste, etc.)
– Pictures
– Personal taste
Lasting Events. weddings, wedding planning, engagements, Josh Bellingham Photography
6. What has excited you most about getting married and planning the wedding?
– I can finally wear the wedding gown!
7. What has been the biggest challenge in planning to date?
– We have Mal, so everything is fine. (NOTE: I’m totally blushing with this answer!)
8. What excites you most about your wedding day?
– I can finally get over it haha. Planning a wedding is exhausting even if I have a wedding planner. I had imagined my wedding hundreds of times but when it comes to reality, it’s just different.
9. What is in your future?
– Two kids hopefully
10. Do you have any advice for those just starting to plan their wedding?
– Starting early. We started pretty early like a year and 3 months earlier, but time flies.
– Getting a wedding planer. If you have a full time job and a lazy finace, you should probably get some help.

– This one is a funny one. I feel although Nick is lazy, his role in the planning makes my life much easier because it’s basically my decisions for everything. There is no conflict between us. So finding a partner who doesn’t care much about the wedding will make life easier hahahaha (NOTE: This makes me laugh so hard- when I read it, I could totally picture Shengnan saying it and Nick nodding beside her! So true and funny.)


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