Wedding Websites

If you are like me, answering the same question to each family member drives you a little bit crazy. These questions get amplified when you get married to a level you would never expect. Everything from, “What’s the date again?”, to “What time does it start?” to “Where can we stay that is close by?” gets asked (what feels like) a million times a day. This is why so many couples are adding a wedding website as a mandatory requirement to their wedding planning and I really couldn’t agree more.

Sites like Wedding Wire offer a free wedding website that is totally customizable to your wedding theme and colours.

Not sure what to put on your site?

Give hotel options for out of town guest- provide details or just links to the closest hotels and B&B’s. Try to give price range so that people don’t feel like they have to spend over their budget level.

Put your timeline of the day. This can get updated as you fill in details. So start general- ceremony time and location, reception time and location. Then you can fill in the details if you want as it gets closer.

More sites and people are now RSVPing through the wedding website. This is awesome for a few reasons. 1. You save on postage (and stamps are expensive friends). 2. You can get their meal options (if applicable) right away. 3. It’s less paper which is better for the environment (sorry stationary friends).

Consider a wedding website for your wedding and help keep your guests in the loop without going crazy answering the same old questions.


Want to discuss your wedding more? Let’s chat on how I can help!

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