Simple Ways to Save money

I have talked a few times about budget and how to help you save when it comes to your wedding (See this post or this one). These three below may not be obvious ways to save money, but may help you consider what you have available and allocate your hard earned dollars more practically.

1. Have a plan. Before you spend a cent make sure you have thought out not only your budget total but what your theme/style will be. Some styles will drive your budget up. DIY projects can sometimes be more expensive than renting centerpieces. Knowing how much you have to play with will help you know if something is too expensive or not.

2. Know your venue space. It’s easy to go over board with decor items but not have anyone to actually put them which makes your wedding look clustered and messy. Keep things simple and classic.

3. Less is more. A venue with a sight will speak for itself and therefore you won’t need to go over board with decor. Outside weddings may not need overkill on flowers because the grounds already are lush with florals. Or position your headtable so you don’t need a backdrop.

Use what you have at your disposal is the best way to save money and best allocate your budget.


Need help with your budget and planning your wedding? Let’s chat on how I can help.

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