Why You Might Need a Planner

You are newly engaged and if I’m not mistaken sitting by a stack of the latest bridal magazines, endless scrolling through Instagram and Pinning everything that you love about weddings. While I also still do all those things (and love every second while mentally planning my vow renewal, daughter’s wedding, etc.), when you really sit down and think about planning your wedding, are you ready? Do you know where to start? Do you realize how much time, work and decisions really need to be made? And when? (Did that scare you? I’m sorry)

If any of those questions made you start to panic a little, then perhaps you might need a wedding planner. Here are a few other areas that might indicate you need a little extra help.

  1. Time- Do you and your partner work full time, have busy lives (who doesn’t?). Can you dedicate approximately 250 hours to planning your wedding? If not, perhaps it’s time to call in a professional.
  2. Location- Are you considering getting married in a town or country you don’t live in? If you are, a local may be really helpful to make recommendations and help you plan with reputable vendors.
  3. Budget Assistance- When it comes to budget, do you close your eyes and hope for the best? Yea? You should consider having some help. It’s really easy to go over on the litle things and then realize you blew your budget out of the water. A planner can help you reel it in and keep track of the books.
  4. Keep You Accountable and On Track- This goes hand-in-hand with budget assistance. Do you often start a project and then never really finish it? Are you a procrastinator? A planner can keep you working, focused and staying on time with decisions (and the day of).
  5. Sounding Board- Wedding planning is often high stress, emotional filled with second guessing. A planner can step in and be your therapist for the hard moments, a friend to have fun with, a person to bounce ideas off of, an accountant who informs you your fun ideas are WAY over budget and a lot of other roles in between.

If any of these points sound like you, contact me and let’s chat about how I can help you plan and execute your wedding!


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