Reflecting on 2016

As this year comes to an end, I am sitting here thinking about how I feel about 2016. There were some ups and some downs, there were tears and there was laughing until I cried. I had amazing and fun clients and I learned some tough lessons. As a family, we grew together and individually. Despite what many feel, 2016 was a pretty fantastic year.

Here is what was accomplished:

  • I had the best wedding clients! Really, even though I learned new things and had to handle different challenges at each, I feel like I gave my very best to each one and left each day so happy for the love each couple had for each other.
  • I left my part-time day job for a full time day job (this comes with a very different set of challenges I’m still learning to navigate.) This not only brought out a happier me, it reflected on a better home environment
  • WE MOVED! We found our dream house and made the move in the fall. Now I feel like we are in the right place and look forward to our years to come here
  • Lasting Events continues to grow.

Here’s some lessons I have learned:

  • Some clients are not worth the stress and acknowledging this early is very important. I will never please everyone, and I will not be the best planner for all people. I do need to learn how to say no when I need to and how to not take it as a personal attack on me as a person.
  • I will always need to figure out work/life balance. With the new full time day job, this is more apparent than ever. I need to make sure I don’t exhaust myself, but at the same time and putting my best effort in all the places I need to.
  • I know that almost every November/December I hit a slump that has me wanting to seclude myself from everything and everyone. I loose motivation, inspiration, creativity, positivity and energy. I become emotionally, physically, mentally drained and it causes me to do want to do nothing and talk to no one. I need to learn to slow down, take time for me and ensure that I recognize this and bounce back faster.
  • I have learned that in the peak of wedding season, I still need to focus on building my business and not just during the off season. This year, I literally stopped blogging, updating my website and stopped social media posts. I will be working on putting better systems in place to ensure this doesn’t happen for the 2017 season.

Things I’m looking forward to in 2017

  • Amazing new clients! I can’t wait to be apart of some special days and share them with everyone.
  • Some new ideas are stirring in my mind and with some research and plans, I hope that 2017 brings these ideas into motion.
  • Putting new systems into place to make LE better and prepared for growth.
  • More networking, partnerships, relationships.
  • Spending the first year in our house. There is some work to be done and some fun to be had.
  • Family time.

Obviously I have personal goals and professional goals that I am hoping to reach. I have already started this year by hitting back to the gym, drinking more water, eating better and drinking less. I am ready to take 2017 on put my best foot forward to my most happiest year!

I hope you are all ready to do the same.


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