Cut these 7 areas to save on your wedding

Everyone is worried about their budget when it comes to their wedding. If you’re not, then you are extremely lucky or off your rocker. Weddings are really expensive dinner parties. the are special and magical and can seriously eat away at a bank account. If you are looking for some places to save, look at these 7 options first.

  1. Multiple locations- Hold your ceremony, cocktails and reception all 1 one place and you will save on transportation costs. Guests won’t have to be shuttled and even the amount you have a limo can be decreased to accommodate. Extra credit if you can do your photos on site too!
  2. Cake– Seriously consider a smaller cake to cut with slab cakes for guests or don’t have a cake at all! Many dinner options include a dessert. Serve that only. Cake often gets wasted and guests are either too full to eat, don’t want the extra calories or just don’t want to indulge anymore.
  3. Flowers– Always consider what is in season. Talk to your local florist for the best options. Or don’t use flowers. That’s an option too!
  4. Favours- Ok it’s not mandatory to send your guests home with a monogramed anything. Is it nice? Sure. But only if it’s something people will actually want, which generally is higher in cost
  5. Full bar– Now I’m not saying to have a cash bar (Please for the love of all things pretty don’t have a cash bar.) but you can limit the options available to a signature cocktail, beer and wine and non alcoholic drinks. This limits the cost to you.
  6. Stationery– It’s so easy now to print your own invites (and WAY cheaper). Also, pair this with a wedding website and BAM you cut your printing costs even cheaper. RSVP cards direct everyone online where information on hotels, directions and menu can all be available and therefore not needed to be printed.
  7. Don’t get married on a Saturday in the summertime– Have a wedding on a Sunday, Mid Week or in the wedding “off months” of November to March and watch how much you save on your budget.

Hope these help you! There are plenty of other options when you are looking to cut your budget down, but these are pretty good areas to start.


Want more help with your budget? Contact me! I’d love to help.

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