Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

The wedding is over and you are home from your honeymoon. Life returns as normal, except you are now husband and wife. Maybe you have been together for a year or maybe you have been together for 15 years, either way things change after you get married. People say it’s the same but it’s not. Maybe you changed your last name, maybe you didn’t. But something just is different and it’s amazing. With that being said, life happens and sometimes your relationship gets pushed aside. Here are a few tips to making your marriage the best it can be and to making it last.

  1. Keep Dating. It’s so easy to stop dating after you are married. You found and secured “the one”, the hard work is over. WRONG! It’s so important to keep having date nights to stay connected, especially as life gets more hectic with kids, jobs and responsibilities. Schedule a date night once a week (or month if that’s all you can manage) and do something special, just the two of you.
  2. Don’t Forget Who You Are. Be an individual still. You fell in love with each other because of your unique qualities, don’t forget them after you get married. All too often, people stop going out with friends and stop doing the hobbies they  love because they only do things together.
  3. Don’t Go To Bed Angry. I think all our grandparents share this advice with us (or at least mine did). It’s so important to never go to bed angry at each other. Besides the obvious reason that continuing a fight won’t get you anywhere, you won’t sleep well, which will just cause the fight to spiral out of control. Maybe you need to walk away from a conflict to collect your thoughts and calm down, but make sure you go back and talk it out before bed. And sometimes it’s better to say sorry (even if you don’t think you should be the one to say it) than to be right.
  4. Keep the Conversation Going. More than likely, you married your best friend (or they have become that). You should talk about anything and everything. You hear so many couples say things like “My husband doesn’t listen” “My wife only nags”. When you met, you had to talk about yourself, each other, your likes/dislikes to get to know each other, don’t loose that.
  5. Do New Things Together. Life can get monotonous if you let it. Keep doing new things together to keep life exciting. Now I’m not saying jump out of a plane, spend all your money and be extreme adventure junkies. I’m saying, travel to a new place for your next vacation, try a new restaurant or check out the newest attraction in your area (think Escape Rooms, Trampoline Parks, etc).

Married life is absolutely amazing. Enjoy it but remember why you fell in love and try to avoid the rut that can set in.


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