Things I Need the Day of a Wedding

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding: time, blood, sweat and tears, endless emails, meetings and serious organization. But the day of a wedding is just so amazing when you get to see all the hard work come to fruition. For me, there are still some things I can’t do my job without. So if you see me at wedding, I usually have the following with me or very close by.

  1. My clipboard. Seriously, without this I would probably be lost the day of a wedding. I has all my timelines, contact information, notes, contracts, etc. If something is off and I need to double check a detail, my clipboard’s got it!
  2. Cell Phone- I know that like the entire world is addicted to their phones these days, but at a wedding I absolutely need a (fully charged) phone. I check in with the bride and groom, will check in if any vendors are running a bit late and any other situation where I might need to make a call.
  3. Emergency Kit- Anything can happen at a wedding, and I try to be prepared for all of it. My emergency kit is stocked for all sorts of moments; hair pins if a up do is falling out, first aid kit, stain removal, distraction for kids, tools, and more.
  4. Assistant- I can’t be everywhere at the same time and some weddings can pull me in a thousand different directions. My assistant is there to help make sure everything gets done and be my eyes and ears if I’m not available.
  5. Comfortable Shoes- OK I don’t know anyone who can stand for 10 hours or more in uncomfortable shoes. So this is just kind of a given.
  6. Water- It’s so important to stay hydrated, especially on really hot summer wedding days. I always have water close by.


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