The Importance of Your Inspiration Board

As a planner, I love creating an inspiration board for my clients (or any project I might be starting). Not only does it help me get clear on the design and spark a LOT of ideas for me, it helps make sure that I understand what my clients are wanting.

An inspiration board can be stack full of anything, not just wedding related items or images. Anything that you have come across the helped mold the idea of your wedding in your mind should be there (and you should share this with your planner right away). For example, if you were out at the park and came across a specific flower and that is the item that sparked the colour and flower ideas you have, it should be added. If you just traveled abroad and the colours, textures and scenery inspired your wedding decor, that should be included. It it’s a piece of art, furniture, meal, ANYTHING, that is what should be in your inspiration board.

Far too many people plan without an inspiration board in my opinion (and your Pinterest Page, although a great start, doesn’t count because you have probably over pinned and have multiple pins that are not longer relevant). But 1 physical board, whether it’s fabric, images and colour swatches pinned to a canvas or just a collage of pictures printed off your computer, will help guide you through every decision you make while planning your wedding.

I constantly check back on my client’s inspiration boards to ensure that we are staying on track in terms of design, as I encourage them to do as well. And yes, details change throughout the year for a variety of reasons, prince, availability, time, etc. but overall the wedding should match the board in large sense of it.

If you don’t have a planner (and I obviously recommend you seriously consider one to help you plan), here are a few tips to creating your own inspiration board for your wedding:

  1. Don’t just look at wedding sites/magazines/Pinterest Boards. You love more things than just that and will be inspired by more. Open your eyes around you and see what sparks your interest and you.
  2. Collect everything in one spot. Whether it’s a folder on your computer or file folder in your kitchen, put everything there.
  3. Throw out or delete the things that don’t fit together. If you originally wanted orange as a colour and realized that it doesn’t blend well with the pinks you have mostly gravitated too, get rid of it so you don’t confuse yourself. If you started boho and it’s actually turned more contemporary, throw the old ideas out. You are allowed to change your mind.
  4. When you are done, be done. At some point you have to say, “yes this is the overall look and feel I want” and start the actually planning process. This is only to help guide you, not be the end all of the planning process.

Have fun, be creative and enjoy creating.


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