Bridal Showers for Those Who Hate Bridal Showers

I admit, I hate bridal showers (or baby showers). I know I am suppose to love all things weddings, and I do, but the traditional bridal showers with the terrible food, not enough wine and bad party games, just hurt. I don’t want to sit around with a group of women, who more than I half I don’t know and small talk about the upcoming wedding, baby or whatever. I know I’m not the only one that feels like this. Here are some of my suggestions to up the fun at the bridal shower and avoid boring the guests to death (bridesmaids and moms I’m looking at you).

1.Think outside the box. Theme out the shower to something that is either really different or something very personal to the bride. Ex.) Vintage Library Theme if they are into books. Games could include, writing (in an old looking book) a poem or short story about the bride and groom. Drink tea, have cute décor, invites could be old library catalogue cards. Go crazy. Or, have a cocktail reception one, spa like one (bring in make-up, mani/pedis, etc) and relax with the ladies in your life. Have brunch, have it at night with desserts.

2. Have a great menu and bar. No we don’t want any to leave drunk, but offer fun cocktails, have menu items that don’t include cold pasta with or without meatballs.

3. Don’t over invite. Stick to close friends and family. And NEVER invite anyone that is not invited to the wedding. That’s just not nice.

4. Limit the games. Only play one. Maybe you theme the whole shower around a trivia night, where guests or tables, do 3 rounds of trivia questions about the bride and groom. Maybe you do bobbing for apples, I don’t know, but only do one. And have a great prize! That always helps.

5. Don’t open the gifts. I know tradition calls for (and moms and grandmas) opening the gifts in front of everyone and wearing a hat of bows, but guests get bored (and jealous). Opening the gifts at home after the party allows the bride and groom to really look at each gift and write more personal thank you cards as they go.

I hope some of these tips help spice up your bridal shower. Have fun and let it reflect the bride and her style and personality as best as it can.


Want help planning the perfect bridal shower? Contact me, I’d love to chat with you about how I can help!

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