Take Your Seat: Seating Plan with Divorced Parents

I’m pretty sure the seating plan is one of the highest stress moments during the entire planning process for couples. Everyone is concerned with who they will be sitting with and where the table will be. The couple is always worried about upsetting guests and sometimes tables can’t fit everyone and they have to be separated.

Mallory & Will- September 8, 2012

Now factor in family members that don’t get along or parents are divorced and things just got a whole lot more complicated. Now you have to consider proximity on top of just who is at each table. Holy stress!

Here’s a way to help deal with it!

Each parent heads a table. So if the brides parents are divorced, the brides mother will head a table with family and close friends. The brides father will head another table with family and friends. Same goes for the groom’s parents. Now if they can’t even stand to sit the table next to each other, split the room in half and mix bride’s and groom’s mothers tables on one side and the fathers tables on the other. Make sure each is sitting with a clear view of the head table.

If you are having a buffet style meal where you don’t have to clearly indicate who is where to your venue, you could allow everyone to pick their own seats and be done with it. But that could cause a bit of confusion and possible put your dear grandma in the back corner, and no one puts grandma in the corner!

If nothing else, group your guests into sections and use neutral tables, such as friends as buffer tables when needed.


If you need help with your seating arrangements, contact me. I’d love to help.

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