5 Ways to Make Your Wedding More Green

Being “green” or more environmentally responsible is growing in importance every day. Each one of us has to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint to protect our planet and to ensure a healthy world for generations to come. While you may have many ways you are doing this in your ever day lives, you may not have figured out a way to do this with your wedding. Here are 5 ways you can make your wedding greener.

  1. Green Vendors- Use only those that are concerned with the environment and use materials that are green. Ask for proof or brands. Or go paperless and/or flowerless altogether.
  2. Recycle- If you use flowers, there are plenty of companies that will take your wedding flowers the next day and rework them so they don’t go to waste. Make your décor out of recycled items. Use recycled paper. So many options these days.
  3. Simplify your menu. If you are really serious, try a full vegetarian menu.
  4. Change the time of day to lower your footprint. IE do a brunch wedding in a park, so that you aren’t required to have a lot of lights on at all time. Lower electricity, lower ecological footprint/impact on the environment.
  5. Encourage guests to carpool if you don’t want to shuttle guests to the wedding.


Let’s chat about how I can help you make your wedding green.

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