First steps in the Planning Process

You are engaged! This is such and excited time for you and your finance (is it still weird to say that out loud?). There are so many things you need to consider. I can almost guarantee that questions from family and friends have been rolling in nonstop: What’s the date? Who is in the wedding party? Where are you getting married? (so on and so forth). Here are a few places you should start your planning process.

  1. Budget. You need to decide what a realistic budget is for your wedding. You cannot start planning until you know how much you can spend. This will help you pick the right vendors.
  2. Type of wedding you want. Do you want a traditional wedding? An outdoors wedding? A specific theme?
  3. Guest list. This directly impacts your wedding budget. If you budget $10,000 and want 250 people- realistically, it’s not going to happen. You don’t need every name down and finalized but a rough number needs to be decided on. Not only does this impact budget but will impact the venue options you have as well.
  4. Wedding planner. A wedding takes 250 hours to plan on average. Do you excel at being organized and budget conscience? Are you at a loss of where to start and what to do? A wedding planner can free up your time, reduce stress and help you bring your ideas and theme to life.


Think you need help with your wedding? Let’s chat!

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