5 Things a Wedding Planner Should Be

Last week we talked about some things that a wedding planner should not be (a bit negative but wanted to clear the air right away). This week we are going to talk about 5 things a wedding planner should be. You should “click” with your wedding planner. And they should have these qualities and capabilities.

  1. A professional– The hold themselves well. They are dressed professionally (this may be trendy but still appropriate). They are prepared and speak confidently. They should lead their meeting with you and know what they are talking about and back it up. Bear in mind, sometimes new vendors might not have all the experience but that shouldn’t mean that they are any less professional.
  2. Creative– Their work, social media and ideas should reflect their creativity. When they are talking with you, they should be coming up with ideas and present you with creative plans. If a wedding planner presents you with multiple weddings with the same look/style, it should be noted.
  3. Your researcher– A wedding planner’s job to do the research for you and to come back with options that fit in your budget. While you may ask about a specific vendor, know they are looking into options and their recommendations are based on vendors they not only trust but will work within your budget (a much bigger challenge) and fit your style.
  4. Your bookkeeper– A wedding planner’s job is to keep you and your budget on track. And while things come and areas can go over and other under. Their goal is to bring your grand total to a number you set out.
  5. Open-minded– A wedding is yours. Your planner should be open-minded to your ideas, things you want included and your style or theme. They should make recommendations how to improve or work something in or if something absolutely won’t work. But you should never feel like your idea was wrong or silly because they couldn’t see it.

I hope these points help you.


Are you looking for wedding planner to help you with your planning process? Let’s chat about how I can help!

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