5 Things Your Wedding Planner is Not

There are so many stereotypes around wedding planners and what they do or don’t do (thanks J.Lo). Wedding planning is hard work and take a LOT of time. A wedding planner is to help you, not do it for you. If you are looking to hire a planner to help you, remember they are not these 5 things.

  1. Your decision maker– While the job of your wedding planner is to help you narrow down your choices to those that best fit your budget, theme and style, their job is not to make these decisions for you. You will not hire a wedding planner and then show up at your wedding a year later surprised at what it looks like.
  2. Your personal assistant– Do not think because you hired a wedding planner, that they will be doing all your errands for you. That’s not their job. If you need that while planning your wedding, hire a personal assistant too.
  3. Only dedicated to you– Let me start by saying that all my clients are important and have my attention. That being said, your wedding planner has more than just you as a client and they also have this thing called a family and life. They have to balance everyone equally.
  4. Work around the clock– It’s easy to think because most wedding planners work from home, that they are always available. This is not true. While their schedule is more flexible, as many clients meet after “normal” work hours during the week and on weekends, they try to limit their working time to set hours. No human can be available 24/7 and have a life and sleep.
  5. Knows every answer all the time– Wedding planners have a lot of knowledge about the wedding world, but they don’t know every vendors pricing, what that unique font the calligrapher used on your friends invites and a wide range of other things that might pop into your mind. Their job however, is to research this questions for you and help you turn these questions or ideas into a realistic wedding.

I hope this help clears up some of the misunderstandings of the role of a wedding planner.


If you are looking to get some help planning your wedding, contact me and let’s chat!

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