Winter Weddings: Things to Consider

Although we don’t have any snow here in Niagara as of yet, it’s coming. Winter weddings are beautiful. If you search Winter Weddings on Pinterest, you will find an enormous amount of inspiration depending on the type of winter wedding you are looking for. Fur, outdoors pictures in the snow, and lots of silver fill the page. And while I’m not knocking a winter wedding, because they are stunning and magical in a way that summer weddings can never be, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Weather: While this is a concern for summer weddings too, there is more than just a snow fall that is to be considered. If you luck out and have a beautiful sunny day in the wintertime, then it is possible that anything that has melted is now frozen over. Try to limit the amount that people have to drive or be driven to avoid possible accidents.
  • Outdoor pictures: Yes, while snow is falling or having the beautiful winter backdrop for your pictures is what every winter bride wants, your wedding party might not appreciate all the pictures being outside. And shivering with blue lips in your pictures in not cute. Head out for a few pictures and then head in to finish up somewhere warm.
  • Colour palette: Be creative here. Not all winter weddings have to be black and silver, or red. Pastels can really soften up a winter wedding with it’s pale colours. Light blues (think Frozen) or pinks can really bring something special to your décor.

I hope you consider these few things while you are planning (or dreaming of) your winter wedding.


If you need help planning your winter wedding, contact me. I’d love you chat with you about how I can help.

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