She Wore What? Part 3: Colour

Wedding dress trends change all the time. While traditionally, brides wore white, this isn’t always the case anymore. Brides are really expressing themselves with blush coloured, patterned or even bold colour dresses. Whether you are thinking traditional or not for your dress, be sure to consider your skin tone when deciding.

Lasting Events-Shipwreck Shoot (45)
Photo by: Captured Hearts Media

If you have…

Fair Skin: aim for yellow ivories and warmer natural colours. Bright whites will wash you out and you don’t want to look pale and washed out on your wedding day.

Medium skin/pink undertones: look for creamier colours.

Medium skin/yellow undertones: search for natural colours or champagne.

Dark skin/olive undertones: you should aim for bright whites or champagne hues. Avoid ivories, they will make your skin look more yellow.

Dark skin: you lucked out, almost all whites will complement your skin tone so go free and have fun!

Keep in mind, there are millions of dresses out there. Enjoy the shopping process. It’s fun! I also suggest keeping your entourage to a minimum. Not everyone has the same style and taste and can often forget that it’s not them wearing the gown. Trust your instincts and go with what makes you feel happy, comfortable and beautiful.


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