Why I Took a Break Last Week, and Why I Think Other Business Owners Should Too

It’s been almost a whole week since I have been in my office. To a business owner, taking that much “time off” is usually unheard of, especially when your business, like mine, is still in infancy. That being said, sometimes as a business owner, you need to take a step back to reflect, rejuvenate and rest. Last week was that week for me.

When I started Lasting Events, I knew it was going to be hard. I knew that it was going to take hard work, tough skin and dedication on a level I have never had to experience before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s that hard work and dedication that keeps me pushing and striving for more. And while I think I have grown tougher and have had the ability to bounce back from disappointments better than I would have a year ago, it’s still hard.

The highs of owning a business can be so great. They make all your efforts feel validated and purposeful. The lows can suck. They can honestly destroy you. Last week was a low week for me. Disappointment, self-doubt and comparison crept in and weighed me down. That’s when I knew I needed a break. I need to take a step back, reflect on things and come back reinvigorated and re-energized. And I don’t care if you have been in business 1 week or 15 years, I think this is still a common feeling of boss ladies (and boss gents for that matter too).

I took the last week to sulk, cry, and rest. I spent a few days reflecting on what and where I can improve, what I need to get done by year-end and how I see Lasting Events in 2016. I feel better. Now that is not to say I completely shut down. I checked emails but only answered those completely necessary (clients and an ongoing project mainly).

I think other business owners sometimes need to take this time too. Maybe it’s after a busy wedding season to rest up and reflect. Maybe it’s after a tough client experience to bounce back and see the lesson in the experience. Or maybe it’s mid-year to give that extract push needed to finish off with a bang. Anytime, I think business owners of any kind tend to stretch themselves too thin, take on too much and emotionally (and physically) exhaust themselves.

2015 is coming to an end quicker than I can imagine and I have my mind-set for how to improve and grow in 2016. I have some new ideas and I can’t wait to get started.


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