This one’s for the boys! Tips during wedding planning for the Groom.

Recently I posted about the bridesmaids and their roles during the wedding process. Today I’m talking to the grooms.

Photo: Kathy White Photography
Photo: Kathy White Photography

Guys, I get it. Not all of you care about flowers or if the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses perfectly matches the napkins or any of the other small details. That’s ok. But this whole historical belief that a wedding is the “brides” day and that you take a back seat to the planning is nonsense. The groom should not walk in the day of the wedding and be surprised at the design. Even if all you care about is saying “I do”, your input counts and is needed in the planning process.

    • Make big decisions together. This is your day, as a couple, what you envision means something. The venue, the menu, etc, should please both of you.
    • Be aware of the budget and work within in together. The budget is often where the biggest disagreements take place. Be mindful that some items, like flowers or calligraphy, are more expensive that people often think. Research your vendors to find the best price.
    • Remember this is a high emotional time, especially for your bride. Many girls have been dreaming about their wedding day since birth. As a man, you react differently to stress and situations. That is great and often helpful but your bride might not.

Finally, brides do not exclude your groom. He has opinions and ideas that you may love or that may be a solution to a problem. This day if for both of you and should reflect both of you.


If you think you might need help during the planning process, contact me and let’s chat about how I can help!

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