#ontheroadtofulltime Ecourse Takeaways

Ok everyone. I just spent 4 weeks rethinking my business strategy, branding, client experience and myself as a boss lady with the #ontheroadtofulltime ecourse that Kat from Dear Sweetheart Events offered. All I can say is OMG! I haven’t been this excited about my future with Lasting Events since I basically started it.

#ontheroadtofulltime ecourse by Dear Sweetheart Events
#ontheroadtofulltime ecourse by Dear Sweetheart Events

First, the course was structured with a weekly webinar hosted by Kat, who by the way is the sweetest, most inspiring, open and honest person. We had handouts to follow, homework to work on and an amazing Facebook group that allowed us to continue conversations, ideas and encouragement. Each week I finished the webinar with a complete separate page of ideas that I can’t wait to start working on.

We discussed everything. From balancing life between our side hustle and our full time jobs and creating strategies that will eventually guide us to saying goodbye to full time and hello to full time hustle as a boss lady. Kat shared her secrets, her struggles, and her advice in such an open, heartfelt and intentional way that you couldn’t help but be inspired. And trust me I was.

My path is different from hers but I can’t wait to follow it. This past month helped me gain confidence and reassured me that following my heart is the right thing to do and that it will become the job that I want it to be.

Stay tuned for some new projects, looks, branded collateral and surprises in the future. And if you are boss lady struggling with deciding to leave your day job to pursuit your side hustle full time, I highly suggest Kat’s next round of the course. It’s so worth it!



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