Tips on Being a Bridesmaid

I am going to flip the focus here for a bit. I am going to talk to the bridesmaids out there. There can be a LOT of pressure to be a bridesmaid for a friend or family member. First it can be expensive, approximately $1,700, including dress, shoes, hair and make-up, bridal shower, bachelorette, etc. More importantly than money, you have been asked to be a part of a wedding for support, love and help. But keep these few things in mind.

Mallory & Will- September 8, 2012
Mallory & Will- September 8, 2012
  • While your opinion matters to the bride, it’s not your wedding. You should consider her when you share what you think on décor, flowers or whatever she is struggling with. Be honest, but be considerate.
  • Also, remember this is a very stressful time for both the bride and groom, often with a lot of outside pressures from family. Be kind. If she wants you to wear a dress that you don’t love, it’s not about you. There are also ways to make suggestions that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • Offer up your strengths to the couple to help with the planning. If you are crafty, help with the centerpieces or favours. If you are artistic, offer to help with the stationary. You can help in so many different ways, and maybe just the offer is all your friends need.

Keeping these few things in mind might make all the difference, and may keep you out of a puffy sleeve gown.


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