She Wore What Part 2: Neck Lines

The last time we talked about the wedding dress, we talked about the style of the dress and what style fits best on what body type. But there is SO much more to know. Now we are going to talk neck lines.

Asymmetrical– Each side is different, usually refers to a 1 sleeved or 1 strapped dress

Bateau– A wide necked shape, following the curves of the collar bone. This gives the appearance of a longer neck and works really well with those with a smaller bust.

Halter– A strap connects at the back of the neck.

High Collar– Is just that, a neckline that extends up the neck and is close-fitting collar.

Jewel– Think T-shirt. It’s a round opening at the base of the throat like a T-shirt’s collar.

Off-The-Shoulder– A straight line under the collar bone that sits below the shoulders, and passes over the arms (a strap across the arms).

Portrait– A V-neck with overlapping pieces, like a wrap dress.

Scoop– A U-shaped style neck line

Spaghetti Strap– Nearly strapless, with very thin straps over the shoulders

Square– Neck line that is cut straight across the bottom.

Strapless– I think this is self-explanatory. It has no straps but can be cut in a variety of ways to fit the bust.

Sweetheart– A low-cut neck line shaped like the top part of a heart. This is often a strapless option.

V-neck– A V-shape neckline, which dips down in the front. This is often best for heavier bride.

Many of these are very straight forward and self-explanatory. You may have to try on a wide range of neck lines to find out which you like best, feel most comfortable in and that looks best on you. But that’s all part of the fun.


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