Fall is Practically Here and We are Talking Flower Inspiration

Does anyone else feel like they are trying to fill every last minute full of summertime fun? Cause I should do. Every second I have I’m trying to fill with every last family fun memory we can make before my baby starts school. Equally, I am trying to prepare myself for the change that will be taking place.

And while my brain and body seem to be going a million miles a minute at all times, it hit me. Fall is practically here. September is such a popular month for weddings and the colours that come with that are rich, earthy and bright.

Your options for flowers can change from the bursting, full summer flowers to more fruits, branches and structured florals. Think birch bark branches, roses in deep colours, and berries. But that’s being traditional to the season. Colours can range from mustard yellows to red, purples and even soft pinks. Or consider using dried flowers (like lavender or even wheat).

And while I am not a florist nor do I claim to have an extensive knowledge of flowers. I would say that you will be surprised on the options and as always be creative and think outside of the box. Fall is bursting with beauty. Use that to pull inspiration from, just take a walk outside.


Let’s talk about your wedding and how I can help bring your vision to reality.

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