Let’s Talk Shop: Being adaptable

Ok this post is inspired by my day. I set out time on Wednesdays to publish and share my latest blog posts. Today was a different day. My WiFi decided it didn’t want to work for me. Naturally, this changed everything. And while the planner in me was freaking out because Wednesday is blog post day and being consistent is important to blogging, I am not tech savvy enough to be able to fix the problem. So while I made my measly attempts to fix the issue, I realized this is beyond my control. I did the next best thing, and wrote.

This is sometimes no different than a wedding or a business. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control and there is nothing that you can do than work around it. Being calm is key. Attempting to make decisions when in a panic almost always leads to bad decisions. Acceptance is also important. Accept that this situation is out of your control but trust yourself that you will come to a solution that will work.

Life is never completely predictable. That is the beauty of it. Take it as it comes, despite how frustrating it can be (like all my devices saying I have full WiFi signal and NONE of them working!).

I’m ending this by apologizing that I didn’t have a post out earlier. I am also sorry if you were prepared for a more wedding focused post, but from time to time I will be starting to share some business practices (tips/tricks) as I know that I have come to read many over my time in business. I will continue to be putting my blog posts out on Wednesdays. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Thank you to my wonderful husband for coming home from work and fixing the internet in 5 minutes! Seriously, I wouldn’t make it another day.

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