Options When You Don’t Want Flowers at Your Wedding

I think I have talked more than enough how expensive florals are for your wedding day. I don’t think I need to reiterate how you can make your florals more cost effective when you are set on keeping flowers as a part of your day.

I do want to talk about options that can replace flowers and still look amazing. Keep in mind, this is an area you can totally personalize and use not just as a pop of colour, but as part of your theme and over feel.

Photo: Captured Hearts Media
Photo: Captured Hearts Media
  • Paper flowers. Get the same look but created with paper. You can play with textures, colours, patterns and still look stunning.
  • Bouquets made from other objects. Think seashells, broaches, legos. If you get creative enough, you can make a bouquet out of anything. The same goes for the boutonnieres.
  • Other objects altogether. Bridesmaids can hold oversized fans, lanterns or any other item that fits your look.

Get creative and have fun with this. It’s a big way to personalize and stand out.


Need help personalizing your wedding? Contact me and let’s chat on how I can help.

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