Goal Check In 2: WHOA where is this year going?


I can’t believe the summer is almost over. How exactly did it become August already? Where has 2015 gone? Does anyone else feel like this? Holy!

For me it’s important to check in from time to time on the goals I set for myself and my business every now and then. With September fast approaching and my time/schedule changing (HELLO ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN), now is the perfect time to help prep me for more actual day time work time. While I am enjoy the summer and my work/life balance, I know that many weeks are a check off immediate priorities and push the other stuff (often not fun, but some fun things) aside until later (Note: late never comes).

Here is the list I started with in January (minus my long explanations):

  1. Finish our client contracts
  2. Blog more and Pre-blog more
  3. Meet 1 new vendor per month
  4. 1-2 style shoots to build our portfolio
  5. Build our social media
  6. Set office hours
  7. Network
  8. Re-brand
  9. Build our client experience
  10. Attend 1 conference or workshop this year
  11. Take more photos
  12. Guest blog
  13. Finish my office space
  14. Establish a working system
  15. Attract new clients

So I can say that I have checked off some of these goals! It’s a pretty amazing feeling knowing that I’m moving myself and my business in a direction that is positive, intentional and personal. Moving into the last bit of 2015 (it’s surreal to think that we are going to be heading into the last few months of 2015 already. I know, I just can’t get over how fast time is going.), I have a clear vision of what I want to work towards and how I want to get there. Moving forward, here’s what I ‘m still working on from the original list:

  1. Blogging- I was doing amazing and then vacation happened. I need to get myself back in the groove of pre-blogging.
  2. I did do a beautiful style shoot in April (check it out here), but it’s time to start thinking about another one. I have a few ideas in the back of my head, and have talked to a few other creatives about some ideas they have. We’ll see where this goes.
  3. Moving forward, I need to put together a better system for my social media and spend time creating posts that reflect me and the LE brand. This is a huge focus for the fall.
  4. Office hours will be set once my baby girl starts school. I will know exactly what my limits are and how much time I have per week to myself (currently alone time equals zero). To be clear, it’s not an excuse as to why I haven’t “worked harder” but rather I can say I spent all the time I could with my family before Evie started school and my husband and I enjoyed time together and as a family. I regret nothing but am ready for work days and not work nights.
  5. Networking never stops. Being apart and attending events by the Event Professionals of Niagara has definitely helped push me out of my comfort zone and awkwardness of networking.
  6. I have so many ideas, especially after the rebrand for future client experience. It will take a lot of time and blood, sweat and tears but it’s going to be the perfect time to work away at it.
  7. I am signing up for a month long online course this week. I can’t wait to get started. I would love to sign up to a live conference but I need to save for the investment first.
  8. Still need to guest blog and I’m ok with that.
  9. I always need to be attracting more clients. Hopefully the next time I check in with my goals, I can say I have. I currently have the best clients ever, so I’m pretty happy.

Finally, I can successfully say that I have stopped comparing my business to others as well. I was so upset earlier this year that I didn’t have a crazy break out year like some other wedding planners out there and that I couldn’t take this passion to a full-time role as fast as others have but I have realized that this is for a reason. I need to manage my family first and sort out how to balance everything first. I had to learn how to be comfortable in all roles and create a comfort zone before I can push myself out of it.

This year so far has been amazing, challenging, emotional and only getting better. I feel focused and energized. I can’t wait to tackle some of the ideas in my head and push myself farther than I have before.

Thanks, Mal

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