DIY Glitter Glass Jars

DIY Glass Jars

I know I haven’t posted in a week. With the holiday mid week (and a New Kids on the Block concert with the girls) I took some time to review my stats and decided if there was a better time for me to be blogging. So I have now decided that I will be focusing my posts to mid week instead of end. Sorry if you came looking. But I did do a fun DIY that I want to share.

Apparently I obsess over centrepiece ideas and love to add glitter to anything. So I took a page from Martha Stewart and glittered up some glass jars that would work perfectly together as a centre piece. Note I didn’t do the whole bit, because I was just testing out how this works and I don’t have a table that currently needs a centrepiece.

The whole process was super easy. For the first one, I taped on the stencil, dabbed glue all over it and sprinkled on the glitter. Be sure to remove the stencil before the glue dries.

DIY Glass Jars DIY Glass Jars DIY Glass Jars

For the second one, I simply dabbed glue on and placed the larger sequins in place to create a number. I obviously went easy and did a 1 (don’t judge) but it would be just as simple to do any number. DIY Glass Jars DIY Glass Jars DIY Glass JarsTest them out and let me know how they turn out!


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