DIY Project: Ballet Marshmallow Treats

Lasting Events DIY Ballet Marshmallow Treat

I chose a very simple and tasty project for my next DIY. My daughter is having her very first dance recital and I am beyond excited. To celebrate her hard work this year, we are having a family BBQ after her show. I found these really simple ballet treats to do up for dessert and thought I would share. It really is the perfect piece for any little girl party or they could be done on a smaller version and used on a candy table at a wedding.

Lasting Events DIY Supplies

Cupcake Liners
White Icing


1. Put a thin layer of icing on the top half of the marshmallow, and roll in sprinkles.

2. Layer the marshmallow over the upside down cupcake liner on the skewer. (I put a little bit of icing on the top of the cupcake liner to help it stick to the marshmallow.)

3.  Enjoy!

(I told you before I’m not super crafty and that I will ease myself into harder projects as I build my confidence.)


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