Mind Your Manners: Tips on Tipping Your Vendors

Photo by Kathy White of Absolute Images
Photo by Kathy White of Absolute Images

Tips are often forgotten in the world of weddings, and that is totally understandable. When you are already spending like crazy and your budget is stretched super thin, it’s hard to think that you should be putting a side even more for the vendors you are already paying. But like at a restaurant, tips are not mandatory. But it really is a true expression of your appreciation for the hard work, dedication and effort put forth by your vendors that often are working on your wedding for months.

Here a few tips (get it? HAHA) to tipping your wedding vendors.

  1. Double check your contracts to make sure that there are not any built in gratuities. Often the venue or caterer will have a build in gratuity, usually around the 18% mark. If you think they did an outstanding job and can afford to tip on top of that, I don’t think anyone would object. But you might have already tipped.
  2. Most of your tips are given day of the wedding. Again, think of a restaurant setting. You wouldn’t tip the server a week later for their service. All of your vendors are offering their service for the day of your wedding and should be rewarded (if you are tipping) the day of their service.
  3. Tips do not replace thank you notes. Everyone likes mail, especially because it’s so rare. A tip on the day of the wedding does not substitute for the additional thank you note you have to write. It means something to your vendors, especially because many of them may be self-employed and they appreciate the kind words.

My suggestion is to tip approximately 20% if you were happy with the service. Again, nothing is obligatory but it really shows the people you have hired to make your dream wedding come to life know how special they are.


I’d love to help you with your wedding, contact me and we can chat about your wedding.

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