Let’s Talk Flowers

Photo by: Ty James Photography. Flowers by Dobbie's Florist
Photo by: Ty James Photography. Flowers by Dobbie’s Florist

Florals play such an important part of the ambiance and mood you are trying to create for your wedding. Often flowers are the pop of your accent colour. They add to the décor of your ceremony, reception and accessories to your wedding party. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are picking flowers, especially if you are hoping to save some money (florals can be expensive).

  1. If you know anything about flowers, pick what’s in season OR ask your florist what is available for the time of your wedding. For example, it’s not wise to want tulips in November. It can happen I’m sure, but it’ll cost you.
  2. Be open to what your florist is suggesting. So you had brought in your idea of your bouquet, centre pieces, whatever; if the florist makes a suggestion about swapping out one kind of flower for any other, consider what they are saying. They are experts.
  3. Seriously don’t think that you or someone in your family/wedding party can transport the flowers from ceremony to reception. This is hard and delicate work. There is a lot to consider beyond driving carefully to not spill water. If you are planning on reusing your ceremony flowers at reception talk to your florist about the details of transportation.


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