Time to Check In with 2015 Goals

Lasting Events New Branding

April has been a crazy month so far. It started with some difficult decisions that have changed the look and feel of LE forever. Alex made the decision to leave LE for personal reasons. She won’t be far (and hopefully still helping me through weddings, just in a different capacity). This does leave LE as just me. And though I’m so sad that she won’t be helping make decisions or coming up with ideas, it does let me move in the direction that I believe in whole heartedly. A rebrand was done to make LE a more cohesive and personal business that represents both who I am and what I believe. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I didn’t really expect to rebrand this quickly but am so thankful I just did it without giving me the time to second guess anything.

Between all of that, a style shoot took place. And where I can’t reveal too much about it yet, it was stunning and I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing vendors that came on board to help bring my vision to life (Gala Décor Wedding and Event Design, Ramada Beacon Harbourside, Above and Beyond Cupcakes, Era Vintage Inspired Rentals, Honor Beauty, Captured Hearts, Frilly Bits, Marilee’s Bridal). I can’t wait to show it off!

Other things that I can happily check off the list of 2015 goals is: client contracts where finally completed and ready to go. I have finally got my blogging schedule down. I wouldn’t mind actually increasing but at this point things are working really well with Friday morning posts. My office space is complete (ok so I am still looking for one more storage piece, but everything else is done). I feel inspired and calm when I sit in my office and get to work. It helps me come up with ideas, feel motivated to get things done and generally just be happy in there doing what I love.

There is still a lot to do this year and my list of goals this year continues to grow as I check things off. But that list is for another day.



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