April Showers Brings Big Changes (and hopefully May flowers)

Lasting Events will be facing some big changes this month. I can’t say too much yet but when I can you will all be the first I share it with. Keep your eye out.

That being said, I am really excited to say to share with you my new online business called GreenLove Weddings. Our mission at GreenLove is to create an online community of eco-conscious businesses that is easily accessible to the mindful consumer. Show your love and LIKE our page or share this post with any “green” vendors you know in Niagara, Hamilton, GTA.

So please check us out, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

GreenLove Logo

Now, saying all that, Lasting Events is still focused on full and day of coordination of wedding in and around the Niagara Region. I am a planner at heart and nothing will change that. Lasting Events is a true passion and love for me and I can’t see me not planning weddings in the future. GreenLove blossomed with conversations with Paje from Honor Beauty as we noticed a gap in the wedding industry in Canada. As people are focusing on lower their carbon footprint and are paying more attention to the impact their actions has on our environment, the translation to weddings hasn’t been made clear. We put GreenLove together to attempt fill that gap. To me, these work together.

Thank you to everyone that has and continues to support me through this business and all the current changes taking place. I know that I couldn’t have done any of this without that support and love.



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