Budget Tips

Photo: Kathy White (Absolute Images)

I think that everyone cringes when the word budget comes up when planning a wedding. And with traditions changing, brides and grooms are faced with the majority if not all the expense. Here are a few tips to help you lower the overall cost and keep things much more manageable (or allow you to spend more on the things that are important to you, like photography for example.)

  1. Set your budget at the beginning of your planning. It helps you to stay on track. This can be really difficult when you don’t know who might be contributing, but you should have the conversation with your parents or any others that might be helping to fund your wedding right at the start to avoid any surprises. The hard part comes when you stick to your budget. If you fall in love with a photographer that is over your assigned budget, you either have to find another one that is just as amazing that fits what you are willing to spend, or you must find other areas in your budget to cut back on to cover the additional costs.
  2. Manage your guest list. It’s really easy to keep adding anyone that you every had a connection with, but your guest list will be forever long and next thing you know your $25,000 wedding is looking like $75,000 or more. When thinking guest list, estimate the average wedding plate costs $100 (give or take venue packages). So a guest list of 150 is $15,000 and you haven’t done anything except feed them. Then you tack on ceremony, floral, dress, favours, DJ, transportation, photographer, videographer, and so on.
  3. As I have mentioned before, reconsider the time of your wedding. Often a brunch or breakfast wedding will be considerably cheaper, as people are not as likely to drink as much, menu options are often lower and the length of time is often shorter for vendors. If you aren’t sold on the early day wedding (if I haven’t talked about it enough lately), think about a Friday wedding. These options also are lower in costs than the typical Saturday night.
  4. Hire a wedding planner. My job is to help you manage your budget by directing you to the right vendors that will produce the best wedding for you while keeping your within your budget. If you want to chat about how I can help you, send me an email.



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