Kitty Party

I cant believe my daughter turned four last weekend!

I always like to incorporate whatever she is into at the time into her birthday party. So this year I asked her what kind of party she would like to have and her response was a kitty party. So it was a little hard finding just plain kitty theme party things although there is so much Hello Kitty merchandise out there that is not the type of party she wanted ( and I am happy about that as I am not a Hello Kitty fan haha.

So I did some DIY party decorations, I made yarn balls, my own banner (free printable from I also made each kid a set of kitty ears, kitty collar and of course a tail.

We had a mouse hunt, played hot kitty (potato) and each guest got to adopt their very own kitty and decorate a collar for them. (free printables for cat adoption certificate and kitty treat tags from

The goodie bags were the mice they caught, the kitties they adopted and of course some kitty food and treats.

I always try to make my kids birthday cakes maybe because my mom always made mine, I think that its a fun thing to do and allows for funny pictures if the cake doesn’t turn out as planned.

The cupcakes and cookies were made by my sister in law and I think they turned out pretty cute.

So excuse my photography skills as I am not an expert and I was taking pictures with an iPhone.

cake kitties kittiesadopt kittyandyan kittybasket partytreats treatsfish

kittyadopt addeve tail

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


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