Mind Your Manners- Cash Bar


Ok I feel like every planner in the world has blogged on this topic, but seriously it’s our duty to make sure that your day is not only beautiful and perfect for you but that you are also following proper etiquette and taking care of your guests. I was told something about weddings once that really stuck with me: “Weddings are a dinner party that you hold out of your house. You would never ask your friends and family to come over and charge them for drinks over Thanksgiving dinner.” Don’t do it for your wedding.

There are options to help deal with whatever reason you are considering a cash bar.

Reason #1: I’m having a cash bar so I don’t have to be responsible for drunk drivers.

Reason #2: I’m having a cash bar because I don’t want people to be too drunk.

Reason #3: It costs too much to have an open bar.

Solution: News flash- you are still responsible if someone leaves your wedding and drives drunk. So you can do a few things here to ensure you are safe.

  1. Have a dry wedding. There are some creative options to come up with to keep guests happy without serving alcohol. Think flavoured waters, coffee bars, mocktails.
  2. Limited the alcohol. Only serve wine and beer. For something special offer a signature cocktail during cocktail hour and that’s it.
  3. Change the time of your wedding- breakfast, brunch or lunch. All offer amazing different options that limit people drinking and getting intoxicated and can be beautiful and special. And people will talk about how different it was to have a wedding at a different time.
  4. To protect PAL Insurance is available. This is Party Alcohol Liability Insurance. It is a onetime cost that makes sure you are not liable.

So, be polite. Don’t make people pay for their drinks and just create an experience that you are happy with and that is still treating your guests as the special people they are.



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