DIY: Twine Wrapped Mason Jars

DIY Twine Mason Jars

Let’s start with I’m not very crafty. I am really good and envisioning how things could look, but not very good in the application or construction of it. So I have started my DIY projects at the EXTREME basic level. That being said, I love the look of using twine wrapped mason jars as centre pieces. It’s simple and so cute. I generally gravitate to thinker twine but in the case of my little project today, I have used a thin pink one as it matches my office (and I could use some more pink in my life according to my 3 year old daughter). I broke it down how I put it together in the pictures, but that’s only for the other non-crafters out there. Everyone will be able to get this, especially if I did. Happy crafting!

 DIY Twine Mason Jars DIY Twine Mason Jars DIY Twine Mason Jars DIY Twine Mason JarsI put a little dab of glue on the end of the twine to make sure it won’t come undone in the future. DIY Twine Mason Jars



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