Kids and Weddings

kids at wedding blog

Weddings can be a bit boring for kids and when kids are bored that’s when they start to turn into little monkeys and maybe even get a little cranky. If you are going to be inviting kids to your wedding how will you keep them entertained?

Firstly here are some tips on how to state if kids are invited or not.

Kids are invited:

When inviting children there should be an ‘all or none’ rule, if you are inviting some children you need to invite all.

How to address an invitation where children are invited.

Simple just include it in the invitation:

Mr. and Mrs. John Smit

(Children’s Names)

Children 16 and over may receive their own invitation

Child without guest

Mr Thomas Smith

Child with guest

Mr. Thomas Smith and Guest

No Kids Please:

How to politely address an adult only invitation

You should never use exclusionary wording such as “Adults Only”, instead you can send out RSVP cards with the invited guest’s names already filled out so there will be no misunderstanding on who is invited.

If you do decide to have children at your wedding, here is a few ideas on how you can keep these little monkeys occupied and happy.

If there are younger children it would be a good idea to provide them with kid friendly snacks around the time of the cocktail hour as dinner might be later than some children are used to.

Have activities (coloring books, activity boxes, crafts) or even a separate supervised room where younger children can run around and burn of all of that energy.

blog pic kids

        3. For older children you can provide age appropriate activities and they can keep each other occupied at their own table

 blog kids older activities

When the kids are happy and out of trouble, everyone is happy!

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!


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