Announcing Your Engagement on Social Media

Social media has taken over our lives. We can all pretend we don’t spend countless hours a day creeping Facebook or scrolling through the last 4 hours of tweets to avoid doing actual work but in reality we do. We also post everything to our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts from the type of sandwich we eat to how we are feeling towards the current world issues, so it’s a no-brainer to share your engagement too. So many people now are announcing their engagement in very creative ways on their social media. So think outside the box and announce in a way that is unique to your personality as a couple. Do you do go hiking? Do you sail? Do you run? Get creative and find a way to incorporate you. There a million ways that you can get creative to show the world the exciting news you have, seriously go to Pinterest and search Announcement Ideas Engagement. The sky is the limit (or maybe not, if someone you are into skydiving and find a way to work that in? Just saying.)

Here’s how I did it. Now I’m not saying this was the most creative way and I didn’t use an image but you get the idea.

engagement post

(For those of you that don’t know me, I don’t like hockey. Not even a little. I go to games because Will enjoys it and there’s beer. So to be told we are going to a game while on vacation in Florida and to be pleasantly surprised with a nice dinner and proposal instead was wonderful. A few nights later we did go to a game though, as you can see. I owed him that much.)

engagement 2011



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