On-site Venue Coordinator and Independent Wedding Planner

Some venues will provide the Bride and Groom with an on-site venue coordinator or banquet manager on the wedding day. So you are probably wondering, I have an on-site venue coordinator why do I need an independent wedding planner? This is what I will hopefully help you with, I will describe the difference between the two so you will have information to make an informed decision, that will be the best fit for you.

So what is the difference?

On-site Venue Coordinator or Banquet Manager

Knows the venue

  • What is really good about the on-site coordinator is that they will know the venues in’s and out’s, but a good independent wedding planner will work seamlessly with the on-site coordinator to have the best possible event

Works for the venue

  • The on-site venue coordinator first priority is the venue, therefore their responsibilities are making sure the food is on time, the bar is stocked and the tables are arranged

More than 1 wedding

  • Wedding venues can be very busy therefore they may even have up to 3-4 weddings a weekend, although they may try to make the bride and groom the priority this makes it a bit more difficult

Different person on the wedding day

  • The on-site coordinator may be a different person from the one you have been discussing your plans with from the start, so there is a less personal relationship

To the end?

  • The on-site coordinator may not stay for the whole event

Set up

  • May charge extra for set up of décor details

Independent Wedding Planner

Bride and Groom are priority

  • The top priority of the independent wedding planner is the Bride and Groom, including all other tasks to ensure the best possible event but client happiness is #1.

1-2 weddings

  • The independent planner can ensure the best possible service as they will only have 1-2 weddings in a weekend making it possible to make the bride and groom their main priority.

Same person on wedding day

  • There is a closer working relationship has you will have the same person you discuss the details of your wedding be there on the day of your wedding. This ensures that the independent wedding planner will know more of what you want and expect from your wedding day.

To the end

  • Will stay to the end of the wedding day to ensure all vendors are paid and all loose ends are wrapped up

Set up

  • Set up of décor details are included in cost

I hope that this clears up any confusion between the two and this information will help you to make your decision in hiring a wedding planner.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great weekend.


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