5 Minutes with a Vendor: Honor Beauty

I’m really excited about starting this new series on the blog. And I couldn’t be more excited to start this with Honor Beauty. Paje is not only super talented, she is the sweetest person ever. Her experience in all things make-up, hair and now boudoir pictures is unbelievable and completely inspiring from a business perspective. I got to take up a few minutes of her busy schedule to ask some questions that I think every bride wants and needs to know when thinking beauty regiment for their wedding.

Honor Beauty
Honor Beauty
1. Who are the easiest and the most challenging types of clients?
The easiest types of clients are the Brides who are eloping from far away and plan on just having their hair and makeup done on their wedding day without having a consultation prior to their big day. This would of course terrify some bridal clients but for the women eloping, they aren’t about the pre planning. they have chose this type of wedding for its simplicity and I help them achieve that with my mobile services and laid back attitude.
The more challenging type of client would be when a client emails me asking for a discount before even informing me on what services they’d be interested in. I totally understand that everyone has a budget to work with and not everyone can afford my packages. The most challenging part about this would be trying to reply to them explaining why I charge what I do in order to make a living without offending them in the process.
2. What beauty tips or advice would you give to a bride for her wedding day?
A bride should always keep the following things nearby to ensure her hair and makeup is looking fresh all day and well into the night!
  • Blotting papers for oily skin or hot summer weddings
  • Lipstick and liner for touch-ups throughout the day
  • Extra bobby pins and a mini hairspray if needed
  • Deodorant and/or perfume to stay fresh
  • Eye liner if she likes to wear it in her waterline
3. Where are the best places for you to work the day of a client’s wedding?
Being a mobile artist, I’ve worked in the smallest and largest homes and hotels in Ontario. Any room with some amazing natural light will be the best place for any artist to set up shop!
4. When should a bride start a beauty regiment for perfect skin on her wedding day? 
All great beauty advice needs to be followed for at least 3-4 weeks before the wedding day (in my opinion). It’s so important to drink plenty of water and wash your face every night before bed. Keeping your hair trimmed to avoid split ends, getting eyebrows shaped about a week before the wedding day and making sure hair is washed about 1-2 days prior to styling are also great tips to ensure your hair and makeup artists can do their job to their full potential! (P.S It’s a myth that hair stylists want really dirty hair to work with!)
5. Why are consultations important?
Even if it’s over the phone or email, having a consultation with your hair and makeup artist is crucial in understanding what will happen on the wedding day. Most brides attend a consultation in person, where a full hair and makeup trial is done in order to perfect the look for the day. Before and after photos are taken to show the bride the transformation and to keep on file so that I remember what styles were chosen for that bride on her wedding date. Notes are written about what colors were used and if the bride has any special requests for me to follow. Sometimes Brides are traveling from out of town and cannot fit a trial in, which is okay with me as well. In those cases I always try to get the bride to send me photos of styles they like or photos of themselves s that I can suggest a style that would suite their face shape and hair texture/length.
6. How far in advance should a bride have a consultation before her wedding day?
Most brides don’t realize this, but hair and makeup should be booked at least 9 months before the wedding date. Their trial can be set for anytime, as long as scheduling permits (I recommend 2-5 months before their wedding day). I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from brides looking to book their hair and makeup with me 1-3 months before their wedding, but I am usually always booked up by that time.
About Honor Beauty
Honor Beauty is one of the only Vegan & Cruelty-free Mobile Makeup & Hair companies in the Niagara Region! They offer a wide range of beauty services in the comfort of your own home or selected destination! They specialize in bridal & boudoir, special events, vegan & cruelty-free alternatives, airbrush makeup, false lash applications, hand-made lip & body products as well as private/group lessons for women of all ages!
I really hoped this post helps and answers some questions!

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