Winter Wedding Inpsiration

winter wedding blog pic

I am not going to lie but I have never been a winter person. Even though I grew up in the small Northern Ontario town of Timmins which is one of the coldest places on earth with a sometimes  -40 degree weather. So of course I had to tolerate the freeze your face off winds and my eyes are frozen shut weather, but I cant say that I ever really enjoyed a winter. But now that I have kids and am being forced to enjoy the winters haha by playing outside in the snow, skiing and skating it does make the winter go by a little faster. I also found a new hobby of crocheting and knitting (yes I know pretty nerdy and something I never thought that I would ever do) but knitting up a scarf or hat for my kids is also a way I am getting through these chilly days. So now I am willing to give winter a second chance to be one of my new favorite seasons.

Ok so enough about moi, its time to get to the wedding point of this blog.

Instead of dreading the winters, I am starting to see some beauty in it especially on those crisp cool days with the clear blue skies and bright white snow that have started to inspire me with thoughts of beautiful winter weddings.

So if you are planning a winter wedding keep on reading if you are in need of some inspiration.

So what do I think of when I think a winter wedding; it should have elements of nature like evergreen and pinecones, there should be a feeling of warmth and coziness and of course you have to add in some sparkle maybe with sequined table cloths. I also think of adding candles to add that romantic feeling.

Here is a wedding I found that covered some of what I love about winter weddings


I like that it has an earthy and natural feel with the evergreens, pinecones and tree stumps and I like the warmth of the flannel runner. Of course you have to add in that bit of glam with the sequin bridesmaid dresses and faux fur wrap. I also love that they are wearing their warm winter boots.

What about that dress? What will you wear ?

Wedding Dress

So maybe you don’t want to have a strapless dress for a winter wedding why not go for something with long sleeves or maybe add a little lace for that not so covered up look and of course winter is the perfect time to add anything sparkly, here are some photos of some beautiful dresses.

winter wedding dress- blog
wedding dress 2


Or if you want to keep that strapless dress you can keep warm by adding a fun shawl, sweater, cape or even a coat
winterwedding coverup 1
wintercoverup 2

Wow I can look at these dresses all day, but lets move on…

How about colour scheme

Check out these color palettes from

Red and Black

red and black color scheme

White and Green

white and green wedding

Pink and Brown

pink and brown wedding

Black and White

black and white wedding

Blue and Grey

blue and grey

And check this one out from

plaid winter wedding

And oh my goodness check out this one from I just love the bouquet and I love how they made the shed look like a cottage how freaking cute is that, can anyone build me a little cottage? Haha

cute rustic winter wedding

Ok so I have to stop, I can just look at winter weddings all day so I will leave you with one more aspect of the wedding how about winter wedding favours that are nice and that maybe people will actually use haha.


Tree ornaments… awe

ornaments wed favours


Hot chocolate tubes

hot choc favours

Ok one more, how about hand warmers

handwarmers for favours

Ok, so I am going to stop here, otherwise I will just go on and on haha.

Thank you for reading and I hope this will help in planning your winter weddings.

Have a great weekend,



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