2015 is Here- Goal Planning and a Year Full of Excitement

2015 Planning
2015 Planning

The holidays are over and though both our families were incredibly sick (to the point we took an extra week off and are still all recovering) we were so happy to have some time with family and friends. But now that we are back into work mode and refreshed, are heads are spinning with ideas and goals for 2015. We are still very new. We are still very motivated and excited. We can’t wait to see what this year has to offer.

With that being said, I took some time over the holidays to really think though what I expect from LE in 2015 and what I am going to do in order to achieve that. I have read a lot of blogs that talk about their goals and I feel like we are so far away as a business that it can be almost discouraging. But, I am way to passionate about this (and stubborn) to be beat down so quickly. Businesses take time and lots of work to get going and I am really ready for this year’s workload. I have put together a list of 15 goals for LE that I would like to master by December 31 this year.

  1. Finish our client contracts- We are in works with our lawyer to get them the best they can be and clear in terms of legalities.
  2. Blog more and Pre-blog more- OK so we have totally slacked off the end of 2014 with our blog and it is probably one of the biggest mistakes we have done to this point. We are trying to get our voice and business out there and we stopped sharing our voice. I have made a promise to myself that I will blog once per week and work up to 2-3 by year end.
  3. Meet 1 new vendor per month- We need to also start to introduce ourselves in our industry and by having a goal of meeting 1 new vendor per month I think is an attainable goal for us.
  4. 1-2 style shoots to build our portfolio- I have WAY too many ideas in my head to not aim for 2 shoots this year. Equally, we need to build our portfolio. This will also help with goal 3 (sneaky how they can cross over like that).
  5. Build our social media- We need to stay on top of our social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram right now- Pinterest is coming too) and fill it with posts that reflect LE.
  6. Set office hours- I need to set time that is purely devoted to LE, apart from family and my day job. I have up until this point, but it has been sporadic times that I can fit in around family schedules. 2015 I will be setting specific times for me to be in my office and devoted to LE.
  7. Network- This is kind of like goal 3 but we also need to network with people outside of the Niagara Wedding Industry to help spread our name and potentially attract new clients.
  8. Re-brand- I know we just launched and I am already talking about a re-brand but as we are getting more comfortable in LE and are finding our voice, I am not sure it’s matching our current brand. It needs some thinking through and this goal will probably be more end of 2015.
  9. Build our client experience- I really want our clients to know how important they are and to make them feel special. We have a few ways of how we do this but it could expand to something very special (I have some pretty big ideas here too).
  10. Attend 1 conference or workshop this year- It’s very important to keep learning and I have been looking a few different conference and workshops that will be taking place over the year and have to decide on which I want to try out.
  11. Take more photos- I am the worst at this, because I never take pictures really. I have to make sure to take more pictures of our projects, our work and of us to help with our social media and our blog (See goals blending together again. Lol).
  12. Guest blog- This is another end of the year goals, but I would like to guest blog for someone. I feel like if I get asked to do it then someone believes in what I’m saying.
  13. Finish my office space- So this is also a personal goal but I want to finish my office space and make it a creative and inviting space.
  14. Establish a working system- There is two of us and we need to make sure that we are equals and contributing equally. At this point I think we are but a system needs to be put in place for as we grow.
  15. Attract new clients- This is a given. I would love to be overwhelmed with clients and LE take off faster than we expect. A girl can dream and I am realist. This will take time and I am ok with that. I would like to say that we have 3-5 clients by the end of the year. 3-5 clients that are a combination of day of coordination and full planning.

Like I said, these goals will take all year and there are a lot of ideas in my head on how we can achieve all of them (and maybe a few more). Stay tuned for a great year.



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