Frozen Party Wrap Up & December Month Goals

Time is going just so quickly and really the busier I am, usually the better I think and the more creative I get. (Strange I know but I really believe laziness breeds more laziness. But don’t get me wrong, a day in sweats and a good book is amazing.)

I will try and keep this short and sweet. The Frozen Birthday Party was a huge success according to my now 3 year old. She was so happy to be with friends, play in fake snow, make crafts, eat cake (Cake was from A Little Something Extra and visit with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Here are a few pictures of the day that shows just how fun it really was. Things were kept simple, so kids had the space to run and play and dance.

Cake ElsaPlay snow IMG_0896

On to December and our goals for the month.

We are offering couples 20% off our packages when booking before January 31 and we are so excited to see what comes of our first real promotion. (You can see descriptions of our packages on Our Services page)

Thoughts and talks will be focused on how to build LE through 2015.

My personal goal for this month is to set out office hours that I can completely dedicate to LE and still have a happy work/work/life balance. Now that I will have a real office space, it will really allow me to set some boundaries to dedicate to LE.



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