November Goals

I don’t know about any of you, but I can’t get over that it’s already November. October was a crazy busy month for me, as I prepared to have the annual fundraiser for my other job. Now that it is over (and was a success) I can really refocus my attention back to building LE. During October we were extremely excited to become apart of the Vendor Directory on the Vineyard Bride website. We look forward to the opportunities that it will bring.

Now on to what our goals are for November.

1. Build our own vendor database. Ideally this will start offline and we will continue to build contacts here in Niagara. Eventually I would like to see this list of preferred vendors move to a spot on our site so we can share with everyone who we love.

2. Build our social media. We really need to get ourselves out there and I hope that we will continue to grow this blog and our Facebook account while adding in a few of other accounts- mainly Twitter, Pinterest (trust me, we are both addicted to our personal ones) and Instagram.

3. Build our website. Now that we are getting comfortable in our LE skins, it’s time to showcase this on our site (and am I already thinking a rebrand to suit us better but that will need some time before I can really say much more). We have a lot more to showcase and have some ideas of future shoots to keep us growing.

Beyond that, I will be having a much need rest after the chaos of October, as I take a weekend away with my mom! But rest assure, I will return anxious to move forward.



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