Dinner is Served- Serving Styles for your Wedding

With it being Thanksgiving already, a lot of my time has been focused on menu selection and how to best serve the amount of people in a small space. What a better time to talk about the available options of serving dinner to your guests at your wedding. Depending on the formality of your wedding there are actually a variety of options for you to consider. It is always a good idea to have this conversation with your reception hall/caterer to make sure that they know how to properly serve in the method you would like. Here is a quick breakdown of each style for you to consider.

Cheese Display- Martha Stewart Wedding


This is just as it sounds. Wait staff brings each course, properly garnished and sliced, to each individual guest. All wait staff place the course down in front of each guest at the same time. This is typically done 2 tables at a time and is very expensive.


In this style, food is brought from the kitchen on platters by a white-gloved server. The server then garnishes the food and serves it onto the guest plate. This is great for portion control but requires multiple servers and is only effective if the timing is done correctly.

American (also known as Plated)

This is what most of us are accustomed to. A pre-plated course is delivered to each guest. There is usually 1 server per table. Again, this style allows for portion control and is the typical go to for most venues.

Family (Also known as Russian/Eastern European/Asia)

This is growing in terms of popularity. Waiters deliver large platters of prepared food that guests at the table then dish out themselves. This gives the feel of a more comfortable, intimate, family feel. If you are considering this style, it’s important to note that large centrepieces will need to be removed from the table for space for the platters, so it’s often better to stick with smaller centerpieces.


This is usually the most cost efficient, depending on the items you are serving. The biggest challenge with buffets is taking away the stigma that they are cheap and that they are slow. This can be done by both upgrading the food choices and offering more than 1 table/station.

Food Stations

This is a pricer version of a buffet and should be considered as a deconstructed buffet. This gives a few menu options at each station that are located around the room. It encourages people to move around the room rather than sit and socialize.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas and lets you change up your wedding to help make it stand out.

I hope everyone has a great long weekend and a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Picture source: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/341786/11-unexpected-wedding-food-ideas/@center/352459/cocktail-hour-recipes#224410

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