September Monthly Goals

It’s amazing to think that the summer has flown by us and we are looking at fall. August was a pretty successful and busy month for us. Like most, we tried to enjoy every nice day that came our way, with family fun, birthday parties and many barbeques. In terms of our goals, we can say that we accomplished almost everything on our lists. We completed the WPIC training course and now both certified wedding coordinators (and really couldn’t be more excited). It was a long, hard and very eye opening weekend and week of studying, but we came out the other side more prepared than we ever thought we would be.

September is looking to be a very exhilarating month for us. We will be participating in our first wedding show- The Niagara Autumn Wedding Show, on Sunday, September 21 in St. Catharines. We can’t even begin to describe the excitement and then nerves that we are feeling. We are so lucky to be partnering with the very talented Paje from Honor Beauty. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she is also super sweet and will help make the day fun and amazing. So needless to say, we are working very hard this month to design and prepare ourselves for this big milestone. Come by and say hello to us! We can’t wait to meet everyone.

Also on our agenda this month, we are looking at updating the website to make sure that it best represents us. Our portfolio will be finally making a debut and we are reworking some of the pages to better describe who we are, what we do and why are clients are important to us. While currently the information is there, it needs some love to make it more us (we are all a work in progress and I’m sure that we will continue to update our site, as we will always be growing and changing ourselves). Be sure to check back shortly for all the great updates that are to come.

We will continue to network and introduce our selves to our future vendors and really begin to build long lasting working relationships. We look forward to meeting all the amazing people that work so hard in Niagara to make people’s dream weddings come together.

Finally, we are looking at being part of a creative team for another style shoot. These details are currently secret (but we can say that the idea has us extremely excited- I’m not sure if you can really tell how excited we are to be working in this field or not. Haha). As details come together, we will be sure to keep everyone posted.

With all that being said, it’s time to get to work. Here’s to an amazing, and hopefully warm, September.




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