DIY Carnation Backdrop

Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a great week.
Today I have a DIY project that I hope you will like and maybe use in your wedding or even next event. The actual site that this tutorial came from is their how to:carnation backdrop

As soon as I saw the picture on Pinterest (gotta love Pinterest)I had to make it myself, so I have been waiting for any excuse to try this myself and finally my DIY dream has come true haha. My husband and I are holding my mother in-laws birthday this Sunday so I thought YES I can make the flower backdrop! I went out and bought 6 bundles of different colored carnations on Thursday and got to work on it today because I wanted to make sure it turned out.

So if you are still interested here is what I did.


6 bundles of carnations with 7 flowers in them
fishing line
darning needle


I started by measuring how much line I would need and tied a knot at the end and strung on a cut flower then left a bit of line and tied another knot and strung on the next flower and so on…


Until I had the six colors of carnations on the line, then I did this six more times and TA-DA!! a beautiful backdrop!


I did not know how this was going to turn out but I think it looks really pretty and I actually want to make it again haha and I might go and buy a couple more bundles for the party Sunday..


So these are some pictures of what I have so far, and sorry for the unfinished window (its in the work in progress basement). I am hoping to get a few pictures of it set up on the actual party day so I can share with you next week.

Let me know if you try this DIY and how it turns out, I would love to see pictures.
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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