August Goals

How has the summer gone by so quickly? I feel like it has just started and now it’s August and talks of back to school and autumn are on the rise. That being said, August is turning out to be a motivating and inspiring month. Alex and I have a few goals to push for.

  • We finally get to do our WPIC training course to get our certification and be at our best to start our drive for new clients.
  • We are also getting things in order and designed for the Niagara Wedding Show in September. We have a lot to get done this month to be ready to share ourselves with our community and to future clients.
  • Begin introductions to local vendors to establish working relationships and grow our contacts.
  • Continue to build our website, social media accounts and really get ourselves out there (as scary as that may seem)

We have high hopes but we feel that these goals are more than achievable and perhaps we will even surprise ourselves and get even more accomplished than we thought!

Enjoy what is left of summer because before we know it, it will be over (I know I shouldn’t say such mean things out loud.)



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